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Support and empower women & families in crisis during pregnancy

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A safety net and a listening ear to expectant mothers

Our mission is to empower women who find themselves in a crisis situation during pregnancy. Too often it is the stress, anxiety, and pressure of life circumstance that is forcing critical health decisions for many women rather than knowledge and strength.

Our team of professional social workers combined with financial assistance from our dedicated supporters provide the opportunity for our clients to be empowered to make critical future-focused decisions for themselves and their families with support, clarity, and confidence.

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Our Formula


We support and stand by our clients through every step of their journey


we empower women to find their voice and increase the positive aspects of their lives


every case is unique and we aim to provide each women with the individual care and respect that she deserves

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One Baby Chai Fund

One Baby Chai Fund

NAB Chai Campaign In the Zechut of your help, may Hashem bless
you, your children, and children’s children for generations to come!

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