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Support and empower women & families in crisis during pregnancy

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A safety net and a listening ear to expectant mothers

Our mission is to empower women who find themselves in a crisis situation during pregnancy. Too often it is the stress, anxiety, and pressure of life circumstance that is forcing critical health decisions for many women rather than knowledge and strength.

Our team of professional social workers combined with financial assistance from our dedicated supporters provide the opportunity for our clients to be empowered to make critical future-focused decisions for themselves and their families with support, clarity, and confidence.

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We support and stand by our clients through every step of their journey


we empower women to find their voice and increase the positive aspects of their lives


every case is unique and we aim to provide each women with the individual care and respect that she deserves

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Just One Life, News update from Israel
Just One Life, News update from Israel
Chaya Katzin
JOL/NAB at times of war
JOL/NAB at times of war
Over the last three months, Just One Life has received and is assisting with social services and financial aid to over 300 women who have given birth to these displaced families.  Just One Life workers are strained beyond the capacity offering social services and allocating tens of thousands of dollars to displaced families for their financial needs and to families whose husbands are on the battlefront and have not been at work for three months and need financial assistance. These babies, these children, and these families should not be forgotten. They are in crisis, displaced, and struggling. Most are living in hotels without their basic necessities, and everything left behind. A special campaign page to donate has been set up: www.onebabychaifund.com The children of Israel thank you in advance. Rabbi Marty Katz, EVP --- Jack Forgash, Chairman --- Steve Adelsberg, Chairman JOL Social Worker is addressing Yeshiva of Flatbush's parents.   Chaya Katzin addressing the Yeshiva of Flatbush mission, with Steve Adelsberg, Co-Chairman, leaning on the chair at the center. Shifra Forgash (granddaughter of Chairman Jack Forgash) and mother & baby in our office in Jerusalem)
JOL Team
COVID Struggles at Just One Life/ Nefesh Achat B’Yisrael
COVID Struggles at Just One Life/ Nefesh Achat B’Yisrael
News From our Israel Team With the support of our generous donors, Just One Life/ Nefesh Achat B’Yisrael has always been at the forefront of supporting pregnant women in Israel during their time of need. But this year, that definition grew to include more women and more needs than we ever could have anticipated…  Being laid off from work while expecting a new baby can be extremely anxiety-provoking, especially for someone who already was not covering their monthly expenses. Lockdowns and kids off from school mean expectant mothers on bedrest or postpartum women recovering from labor are not being granted the precious hours of respite that school usually provides. We’ve seen an increase in pre-term labor and birth-related complications as mothers find it impossible to care for themselves properly when their other children are home and requiring care. Many pregnant women were forced to labor alone or were separated from their infant moments after birth when a spouse or child of the woman tested positive. Many new mothers did not receive adequate postpartum care as they were placed in COVID wards. Left alone, weak, and tired after labor, many mothers did not have the energy to advocate for themselves or their newborn child. These traumatic separations and conditions left many mothers with lingering trauma and attachment challenges.  Many clients were left without basic supplies for their babies when forced to quarantine after giving birth. We received countless calls asking if we can provide basic supplies such as formula, baby clothing, diapers, and pacifiers. Women who typically have strong support systems and social interactions were left isolated and alone due to quarantines and lockdowns. We have seen an increase in peripartum and postpartum depression (PPD) as isolation and lack of familial support is a direct risk factor for PPD. We are so thankful for the help that we have been able to provide to these expectant mothers and their families at their greatest time of need. At a time when the whole world is struggling, it has been our greatest honor and privilege to join with our supporters in offering a small beacon of light and hope to each and every expectant mother and family who is referred to us. However, with all the success we have seen, we cannot help but think ahead to all the work that still needs to be done. We would love to be able to offer more support for women whose pregnancies and births have been affected by COVID-19. We would love to send them care packages that can help these mothers better care for themselves and their babies. With the upcoming holidays, we would like to be able to provide more financial and support to help our families make it through We thank you for your loyal support and hope that we can count on your continued partnership.
Atara Block

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One Baby Chai Fund

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