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After years of fertility treatments, Chava* and her husband joyously welcomed a beautiful baby boy into their family. Unfortunately, this joyous time quickly turned into Chava’s worst nightmare when the doctors informed the new parents that their baby had a genetic disorder that would leave him handicapped his entire life. Chava left the hospital numb and broken. After undergoing painful procedures and racking up thousands of dollars in debt in fertility treatments, she wanted a typical, healthy baby. She was not sure how she would ever be able to care for, let alone connect to this child. 


Chava arrived at Just One Life depressed and disconnected from her new reality. She was matched with a social worker who immediately connected to Chava and validated her enormous challenge and sense of loss. Just One Life helped Chava grieve for the child she didn’t have, which allowed her to accept and come to terms with the child she was given. After a couple of months of working together, Chava was able to appreciate the beauty in her son and recognize that she was the perfect chosen mother for her child. At the end of the process, Chava tearfully thanked Just One Life for helping her get to a place of love and connection to her beautiful baby boy. 

*Name changed for privacy

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